Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Meghan Markle Chose Prince Harry Over Prince William Months Before Royal Relationship

Meghan Markle could double as a psychic.
In October 2015 the Suits star played a rapid-fire game with Hello!magazine and had to choose between Prince Harry and Prince William. "I don't know," she said while laughing. "Harry? Sure!"
Little did she know that she would meet Harry a few months later and would go on to enter a serious relationship with the redheaded royal! Over the summer, however, Meghan caught up with Piers Morgan and opened up to him about her love life and the criticism she has faced from her role on Suits as a result of her character's mistakes.
Talking to the Daily Mail columnist in June, Meghan admitted she was new to the single life. "I'm recently single again, so I've got a few guys being a little…persistent!" she confessed. "I'm just out of practice with the dating scene."
After news broke that Harry and Meghan were dating, Kensington Palace released a statement on behalf of Prince Harry that defended his American girlfriend. Saying Meghan had been cyberbullied and harassed, Harry warned the media to stop. Unfortunately, Meghan has dealt with bullies for other reasons, too.
"People wanted to kill me! Not [Suits character] Rachel…ME," she explained. "I never knew there were so many emojis with guns and knives. It was very unpleasant. Fortunately, Rachel got back on her pedestal and it stopped."
Although Meghan could become a princess should Harry choose to propose—and a source told E! News he could do that—she does have some preferences when it comes to romantic gestures. "There's still something incredibly romantic and special about a guy writing to a girl and putting pen to paper rather than emailing it," she said.
So did Harry woo her with a hand-written letter? No one knows for sure, but should he propose he could consider writing it down.

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