Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Over 58 - India 215-2 (Kohli 94, Pujara 99)Pujara moves to within one of a well-deserved hundred with a single tucked behind square on the legside. It brings Kohli on strike who drives uppishly on the offside and is fortunate not to pick out the waiting fielder at cover.

Over 56.2 - India 210-2 (Kohli 91, Pujara 97)Dog stops play! Yes, you read that right… Tea is brought forward by four deliveries as they attempt to clear a stray dog from the outfield which disrupts Broad’s over, and Pujara’s pursuit of a century. That quest will have to wait 20 minutes.

Over 56 - India 210-2 (Kohli 91, Pujara 97)Not long till tea now, which England will very thankful for, hoping to regroup and put in a better showing in the final session. Can either of these two bring up a century before the interval? Unlikely, as they add just a single from Rashid’s over. We’ll get one more in before tea.

Over 52 - India 193-2 (Kohli 88, Pujara 83)Kohli could get through to a century before tea at this rate! He cracks Moeen for back-to-back boundaries to start the over – the first a sumptuous cover drive, and the second an open-faced glide down to third man. Pujara – not wanting to miss out on the fun – too picks up four later in the over, coming down the track a flicking a half-volley wide of the man at mid-on.

Over 51 - India 180-2 (Kohli 79, Pujara 79)It’s all too easy for this Indian pair right now – six runs in ones and twos milked from Moeen’s latest.

Over 50 - India 174-2 (Kohli 74, Pujara 78)Four more. England might need to swiftly turn back to seam at one end to stem this sudden flow of runs – Kohli with a boundary now. A shortish ball from Moeen shots along the ground, hardly bouncing at all, and Kohli just about jabs the bat down on it to deflect it fine for four. Signs this pitch is already deteriorating?

Over 49 - India 170-2 (Kohli 70, Pujara 78)Ansari is back into the attack. He starts his latest spell well enough, settling on a slightly fuller length, one which Michael Atherton on commentary implores him to bowl on this slower surface. But the over ends with a couple of ugly deliveries that are duly dispatched by Pujara. The first – a short long-hop – is pulled away for six, then a full-bunger is driven wide of mid-off for four.

Over 26 - India 85-2 (Kohli 32, Pujara 33)Still no sign of Mo? You’d imagine he’d get an over or two before lunch, but that’s in less than 10 minutes time, and Rashid continues… Two singles from the over.

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